UPDATE: Gov Schwarzenegger ignored the wishes of California voters and signed AB22 anyway. The CA political scene is in dire straits. Work to defeat him next election; put in a REAL conservative. ///////////// MY PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL/FAX FOLLOWS. IT WILL HAVE MORE POWER IF YOU MODIFY IT OR WRITE YOUR OWN. WHATEVER YOU DO THOUGH, DO WRITE! /// Governor Schwarzenegger: /// I highly encourage you to VETO Assembly Bill 962 (and SB585) which are on your desk. AB962 is onerous gun control legislation that further harasses gun owners in California. Outlawing mail order ammunition purchasing, requiring in- person sales by state-trained employees, and keeping detailed personal information (to include thumb printing!) on the buyers will do nothing to increase public safety in California. Instead it creates another layer of bureaucracy that abrogates citizen privacy in the name of gun owner harassment. It is also an infringement of Second Amendment rights that could be subject to expensive but ultimately effective legal challenge. Over twenty years ago, Congress abolished similar requirements because ammunition sales records were found to be useless for solving crimes. Moreover it will have many unintended consequences such as increased difficulty in acquiring ammunition for law enforcement offices and providing a possible database that criminals could use to steal firearms from the residences of their owners. Also please VETO SB585, another unneeded piece of legislation which further

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