This is Nigel Farage of the United Kindom Independent Party telling it the way it is. At least he is willing to tell the truth. 

Why care about the EU…Because the United States is next; better wake up now. Perhaps the European Union is too big to grasp; but it can be understood in a smaller context. Imagine you are doing OK financially; not great but not bad either. Let’s also imagine you have poor relative who needs money to start a business. You lend the money to them and can see yourself making more money from the future business, but instead the business begins to fail because of poor management. Now the relative needs more money to support the failing business but refuses to change any of their business practices; you give them more money. Once again the business starts to fail and more money is requested, but this time things are different. This time your relative threatens to burn your house down if you don’t give them money and work for their company. Of course, this situation would not work; you and your relatives are going to fail, so why do so many European countries want to do the same thing? The fact is that most people don’t want the EU they are simply going along with a group of ultra wealthy people who have designs on having broad power and wealth. These people are communist and know that for some to be very wealthy many have to be servants. These vary people know who they want to be the wealthy ones and it isn’t you. So, why care about the EU…because it is coming to the United States. But the United States is one country. Yes, but we have deep divisions between social, ethnic and economic groups, and those groups are being encouraged to fight each other. Communism can not invade a strong society so it needs to break society down so that it can act as the savior to the numerically superior group. I hope you will wake up to what is going on; future generations will have to live in the world we leave behind.

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