on September 27th, 2010

This is a funny skit, worth seeing. Related Blogs DVD reviews: ‘MacGruber’ funny as ‘SNL’ skit, not as feature film | Celeb Trends

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on September 26th, 2010

President Reagan defined leadership to me and while he has been gone for some time now, his message seems perfectly relevant to current events. Related Blogs Nightline: Ronald Reagan Elected President [VHS] | Geo Blog Global Voices in English » Nepal’s Leadership Vacuum: No End in Sight

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on September 25th, 2010

Russian motorcycle commute that will make your hands sweat. This guy splits lanes like he didn’t want to live through the day. Related Blogs

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  The people in the United State illegally are very clear about what they want. They want the life of a U.S. citizen, but since they started their stay here illegally they are violating our system of laws from day one. It is clear that these people will not just leave or give up. They […]

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on September 23rd, 2010

The Democratic nomination is a certification by each state to the eligibility of the nominee to the office for which they are running. Each state certified Obama except Hawaii. In Hawaii would not make a standard certification since there was no long form birth certificate, indicating that Obama had not been born in a Hawaii […]

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