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Economist Milton Friedman is interviewed by Phil Donahue and questions capitalism. Mr. Friedman’s answer is clear and worth listening to. Many people think that the government is capable of spreading around all the wealth. I think that the government would only spend the money with nothing to show for it. Related Blogs

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on January 14th, 2011

Here is a simple method to establishing a household budget. Most people know that they should have a budget but they never follow through. The result is that money is spent based on emotional decision making instead of a rational approach to what you buy. Budgeting is very important for couples since two people may […]

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on September 19th, 2010

Here are twenty videos of people who came into power with the Obama administration. They want to take money from people who have earned it or inherited it and give this money to poor people. Related Blogs NDTV To Sell 49% In Lifestyle Biz To Astro For $40 Million – MediaNama We’re Burning Money | […]

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This video is a detailed tutorial that shows you how you can build a budget… using a shoebox. The guidelines for this tutorial were originally written by Trent from Check out his awesome blog post for more information Related Blogs Kidz In The Shoebox « illRoots Pentagon Budget Math Doesn’t Add Up – […]

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