Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle touring in Nova Scotia, Canada. Wow, this looks like a fun place to visit for a tour. Related Blogs Motorcycle Tires Dalat Easy Rider Motorcycle Tour, Vietnam Travel Guide | In Area Code 228

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This is a pilot for a TV show about motorcycle touring; hosted by David and Suzanne Moore. The video is far from professional but I felt the couple did a nice job of showing the viewer the joys of motorcycle touring. It is worth the 7 minutes it takes to see. Related Blogs 2 Dead, […]

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on May 26th, 2010

This is a great video of a rider preparing for a trip to Mexico on his motorcycle. If you are into motorcycle touring you should watch this video. He does a good job of showing all the gear he takes and how he carries it. Related Blogs vacation packages to Mexico?? Exotic and economical alternative […]

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